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Floreat Wandsworth Primary School is one of the schools belonging to the GLF Schools Trust.  Floreat Wandsworth transferred from the Floreat Education Academies Trust to the GLF Schools Trust on 1st September 2019.  In a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) the Trust remains ultimately responsible for standards and finance, however, it would be impossible for trustees to oversee everything in all schools and so key supporting roles are delegated to local school standard boards (SSBs), which work to support the Trust in their work. The Floreat Wandsworth School Standards Board includes the Headteacher, a GLF Education Partner, parent and community representatives, and is accountable to GLF Schools Trust.

Further details on governance at GLF Schools Trust's, including the Scheme of Delegation and Articles of Association are all available to download here.


Meeting dates for Floreat Wandsworth full SSB meetings this academic year:

Autumn 1

Monday 16th October 2023

Autumn 2

Monday 11th December 2023

Spring 1

Monday 5th February 2024

Spring 2

Monday 25th March 2024

Summer 1

Monday 20th May 2024

Summer 2

Monday 15th July 2024


Meet the Parent and Community Governors

Deon Boakye, Chair of the Floreat Wandsworth SSB

I believe that everyone deserves the right to a transformative education; Floreat Wandsworth's values resonate with me.  My strong public sector background centres around my belief that when public service is done right it can really change people's lives.  I have lived in Wandsworth for 20 years and have built strong community realtionships.  Both of my children attend Floreat Wandsworth.  I work in the learning and teaching sector as a director of marketing and communication and I believe I have many vital skills to bring to the role.  It is the perfect opportunity to make a difference.

Fiona Campbell, Parent Governor

I have often worked with young science ambassadors and they usually credit a fantastic school experience with lighting their spark for science or engineering and setting them on a rewarding career path.   This has given me a strong interest in education and how my son and all children can receive the investment in their character and life skills, reach their academic potential and understand the world of opportunity and how to access it.   At work, I oversee our work with schools to bring science to life as well as our external stakeholder engagement, and ensuring that the organisation models a sustainable way of operating. I am keen to bring this experience to the team of governors at Floreat. 

Jessica Bohndiek, Community Governor

I am a solution-focused strategic leader, with over 10 years experience in public sector management and communications. My little one is just starting on his educational journey! Following lockdown adjustments and the cost of living crisis, Education is one of the UK's hot topics. I believe we will likely see further issues arising if we do not invest our time and efforts now, so I wanted to help a local school. Floreat is both outstanding and modern, and its values and character instils greatness in our future generation. It serves a diverse and growing community, so as a community, we need to ensure we support our local schools, so they can support us and our children.

Shama Sarwar, Vice Chair/Parent Governor

As public policy professional with a career of over 10 years in evaluating national school intervention programmes at DfE and overseeing governance reform across central and local government whilst being Floreat mum to Nura (Y4) and Ana (Y2) I am delighted to be a parent governor. I currently work at HMRC in Strategic Policy, leading some of Covid-19 tax programme designs. My aim is to combine my professional experience and skills set with my passion as a parent, having been a local resident of 10 years and bring a more diverse, fresh perspective to the Board and contribute to the legacy of our school #inclusiveleadership.

Zoë Jensen, Community Governor

I am a local working mum of two, passionate about enhancing social mobility. I have been living in Earlsfield since Floreat opened its gates and my children both attend local state schools. A disputes lawyer by profession, I am also involved in a number of initiatives aimed at improving social mobility and encouraging a more diverse representation of talent in the City and within the legal profession.  Our early life experiences play a fundamental role in shaping how we feel about ourselves and what we think we can achieve; primary schools have an important part to play in that.  Wandsworth has an incredibly strong sense of community and Floreat has an ambitious vision.  I will be working with the other governors to ensure every child at Floreat is able to pursue the opportunities they deserve.




Contacting the School Standards Board and the Trust

The contact details for the Floreat Wandsworth School Standards Board are:

Chair of the Floreat Wandsworth SSB: Deon Boakye

Postal Address: c/o Floreat Wandsworth Primary and Nursery School, 305 Garratt Lane, Earlsfield, London SW18 4EQ



The contact details for GLF Schools Trust are:

Chair of the Trust Board: Lynne O'Reilly

Postal Address: GLF Schools Trust, The Beacon School, Picquets Way, Banstead, SM7 1AG

Email Address:

Telephone: 020 8716 4987