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At Floreat we start with a simple idea: that education is as much about developing young people’s character strengths and virtues as it is about developing their academic knowledge both through core skills and knowledge learning.
Every parent wants their child to work hard and fulfil their academic and knowledge potential, but they also want them to master character virtues such as learning how to serve others, being perseverant, being creative and developing their leadership and teamwork skills.

Floreat Wandsworth will enable pupils to flourish by using the most effective academic programmes available, like phonics and a knowledge-rich curriculum, and by developing the character strengths that they need to live happy and successful lives.


Pupils will master character 

virtues such as bravery, service,

honesty and creativity.


Pupils will have confident

and accomplished skills in English

and Maths as well the

ability to think creatively and critically.


Pupils will have a deep knowledge

and understanding of the essential

facts about our world.


Our Vision for 2020-21 & Beyond

Our Vision for 2021-22 & Beyond