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We take Online Safety or 'E-Safety' extremely seriously at Floreat Wandsworth. For more information and advice, please look at the following links:

E Safety Adviser

Think you know

Safer Internet

Childnet - resources for parents

NSPCC - Keeping Children Safe/Online Safety

CEOP Command

Internet Safety for Kids

Our online safety advisor, Alan Mackenzie, has made a video for parents to ensure they are well informed about the latest online safety advice. Please follow the Vimeo link below:

Online Safety Video for FW Parents

Alan has also made some online safety videos appropriate for our current Year 3, 4 and 5 pupils (see the links below). We advise that parents watch the videos first before sharing them with their child to ensure they feel it is right for them.

Sharing photos and videos online

Empathy and criticism online

YouTube - moderating content

Click here for the online safety newsletter


Please do visit the website for lots of great advice in regards to online gaming. 

Please note that the game Fortnite has a PEGI rating of 12. This means it is not suitable for children under 12 years of age to either play the game or watch someone playing it.

Blocking and reporting

The following document is primarily aimed at 11+ pupils but this might tbe useful for those pupils who are beginning to explore social media. 

Click here for information on 'Blocking & Reporting'

Reporting Harmful Content

The website Report Harmful Content shows how to report threats, harassment and bullying, self-harm and suicide content, online abuse, violent content, unwanted sexual advances and pornographic content for a wide variety of Apps. The links take users to the App’s own reporting system but if anything harmful has not been taken down after 48 hours of reporting then a report can be submitted to the Report Harmful Content website using screenshots.

Please speak to one of the school leaders if you have any questions about any aspect of E-Safety.