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What is exceptional about this school?

We pride ourselves on being a school where all pupils can flourish. Our approach of embedding core skills, expanding knowledge and developing character is a unique approach which we ask all members of staff, pupils and families to commit to. 

We are particularly proud of the following features of our school:

What do we do?
POSITIVITY Our team of staff, pupils and families approach all aspects of school life with a positive attitude. 
CALM SCHOOL Our pupils enter each space of learning ready to listen and learn. All pupils learn with purpose. 
CONFIDENT VOICES Pupils are always encouraged to use their confident voice and are ready to present their opinions and ideas to others. 
INDEPENDENT THINKING Staff are always ready to challenge pupils to deepen their understanding and think for themselves. 
SERVICE At this school we serve. Serving others is at the heart of this school. 



We want our pupils to learn with a purpose and to express their creativity in all aspects of learning. The staff are focused on giving pupils as many opportunities as possible in order to nurture their creative instincts.

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Pupil Voice

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