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Pupil Voice

At Floreat, we pride ourselves on our pupils having a voice. We value their views on every aspect of school life where possible. We want to nurture a culture where all children feel listened to, valued, respected and empowered. Mr Custance is our Pupil Voice Lead.  He is always ready to listen to the views of the children and will pass on the messages to the Assistant Headteachers. 

How we listen to pupils at Floreat Wandsworth 

Currently there is a range of opportunities for listening to our pupils on key issues in our school or concerns and thoughts they wish to raise.  
Head Pupils - Pupils are selected by the teachers to represent their peers during school events, meetings with visitors and Pupil Voice Meetings with Mr Custance.
Class Reflection Times – At the end of each school day pupils are invited to share their thoughts on their learning, their concerns and they are encouraged to raise questions about home learning, projects and any upcoming school events. 
Pupil & Teacher Time – We firmly believe that all pupils are only able to flourish in a nurturing environment. We encourage pupils to approach any member of staff in order to share their view, thoughts, questions and concerns. Teachers will always give pupils an opportunity to talk to an adult in private if required.  
Pupil Questionnaires – We question all pupils on their opinion each year. The results are shared with all school leaders. 

The views, thoughts & opinions of our pupils 

I like that we have lots of outside time in the gardens and on the climbing frame.



Lunches are tasty.

Mrs Harris is a brilliant chef!



In Assembly we talk about the different ways we can help other children. 



I love going to Woodwork Club. I never knew I would be able to make my own jigsaw!



The teachers are super friendly! My teacher encourages me to be the best that I can be in EVERYTHING!



I like my Perfect Partner. We talk about our ideas all the time!



We sing in class every day but I would like to listen to real instruments. 

Response: Great idea, we will look into this! 



I would like to do more science experiments. Can we make a rocket?

Response: Yes, we are investing in more science equipment!


The PE teachers are great! Are they going to give everyone a chance to play in a team?

Response: Yes, the Sports Academy have plans to make all pupils from Year 2 to Year 6 get to take part in at least one fixture per year.