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Break Times

We are passionate about providing pupils with lots of opportunities at break time for making friends and having fun!

There are currently zones in place and children can choose to either stay in their own year group zone or go into a mixed year group zone as they please. 

Assemblies and pre-break briefings are held with a focus on:

  • safety and what to do if you require first aid
  • how to use the equipment safely (large and small)  
  • the virtue kindness and how we can spread this across the playground
  • how to make new friends and settle disputes without the need of an adult

We have carefully designed the playground to make sure that all pupils have different activities to choose from including:

  • 2 large climbing frames 
  • monkey bars & a net tunnel 
  • a large nature garden 
  • a stage for performances
  • 2 basketball areas
  • Four Square / King Ball 
  • football in designated spaces
  • table tennis 
  • table football 
  • a large soft surface for games, running etc
  • tennis nets and equipment 
  • skipping ropes & hoops
  • large construction equipment e.g. large soft blocks 
  • Teaching Assistants and AMSA Coaches who are ready to help and play with pupils!
  • frisbees, balancing bars and much more