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Emergency / Enforced Closure Procedure

Please find below the procedure to follow in the very unlikely event that the school is faced with an emergency and / or enforced closure.

According to the DfE a small number of schools in the UK have faced an emergency and / or an enforced closure in the past for a number of different reasons. We have listed their examples below:

  • the death of a member of staff, pupil or another person working at the school
  • power cut
  • adverse weather conditions 
  • burst pipes and/or flooding
  • security activity in the area
  • use as a polling station

Details of any emergency / enforced school closure can be found by:

1. Calling the Council Information Line on 0208 871 5666

2. Logging onto our website at

3. By calling the school on 0208 353 4195. If the usual message is still in use please assume that the school is open.

We will send an email to all families in the unilikely event of any emergency / enforced closure.